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RX 6800 XT + RX 5700 XT x2 + RX 6800

Hello guys, I was looking in the forum for someone using the same graphic cards as me but i couldnt find it… Im here asking for help, if someone can give me some suggestion for a better performance i will love your help! Im using ± this config for some months but I see people with better hashrate with similar configs. Thank you. Im using teamredminer.

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I run TRM as well and have 6800’s from “reference” to XFX and they all seem to perform best (stable/cool/error free) between:
VDD 650
MVDD 1250
Mem Clock 1060-1075

Instead of sharing the silicon lottery winners: GPU0 and GPU1 are my worst in all my rigs. They don’t like to play nice with others but can be tweaked to run solo near 62MH. In order to tweak ones like them, you’ll need to use the TRM and Hive interface, a lot. These (2) show slot dependencies. as well :frowning:

Latest pushing the 6800XT’s to limits I have seen is here:

I don’t have any experience with 5700s, missed that boat. I do have 5500’s, but those little guys are not in your class :slight_smile:

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Thanks Grea! I changed a little after checking your OC configs on my 6800 and i got better results. Yup the 5700 are awesome, I didnt knew that when i started last year and now i want more eheh thry do a lot got the W consumption… And I have the same issues with the 6800 XT! It was so hard to put everything ok without crashing the alg… But now its been ok for 3 moths :slight_smile:

What you think? And many thanks!!!

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Power and temps down, but MH up is always a win :slight_smile: Congrats!

Crossing my fingers that 6800 gets over 62 for you :smiley:

A range of the good ones at the “min” still running over 61 as I try to keep temps low and rigs stable. 4 days since last restart, but this is typical for this 6 GPU rig:


What Miner are you using? TeamRedMiner? PhonexMiner?


I am experimenting with a few other miners for my less than stellar 6800’s.

To make run your 6800 perfect you need to chech the clock of your F STATE in amd-info.

If this is not 1551 Mhz follow this guide.

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I fallowed everything exactly the same and i gett the error “upp; command not found”

@mmenendez79 a common issue is the getting the script location and execution folders to match.

You’ll want to confirm the location of the “” file, as I suspect it is in a different folder. I missed the folder creation step and had to move the file myself.

I place the script in the folder created in /opt.

script location: /opt/script_upp/

If this is not the right location Please, let me know where should I put the script.

Thank you

Pretty sure you’ll get more experienced responses on the thread you cited earlier regarding journaling:

I would ask there, and in the mean time confirm the script runs manually from the shell.

it runs but gives the same error “command not found” I assume is the same upp command that it cannot find.

I got it!! solid 63 Mh
Found the upp installation guide on other thread.

Thank you for the help!


Awesome job, we’ll done!

which mining software?


can you creat tutorial on youtube?


What AMD driver have you found to be the best to get the 5700xt, 6800, and 6800xt stable together?

I have 5x RX5700XT. Two cards (MSI and XFX) run the same memory (Samsung). Both cards vBIOS flashed. I get 55.5Mh/s at 95w. You should consider flashing vBIOS. You will drop 5-10w and get another 8-9Mh/s from both cards.

A lot of tutorials online. You can find “pre-maid” vBIOS for most of the cards. If you don’t know how to do it I can recommend asking Ilya (BiosEditor) to help:

Yes I know some of my MSI cards got 82-90F memory temp and I could swap thermal pads to bring it below 70F but I still have the original warranty on those cards and I might just add more fans to cool them off.

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