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RX 6800 is not working with Nvidia cards (Mixed Rig)

I have an 8 GPU rig which was running smoothly until i decided to add an additional two RX 6800s to it.

Im using Hiveos Beta which should have support for 6000s series but when i connect these two new GPUs i get invalid shares then the rig crashes, the 8 Nivida cards were working fine.

Strangely i was able to get one RX 6800 to work with the 8 Nvidia cards over night but since have not been able too.

Any ideas?

Heres my setup:
Running on ethmine pool & PhoenixMiner

I’ve also seen these errors once Hiveos has booted, suggesting that drivers could be an issue?

Detected 2 AMD cards
ERROR: No cards avalable for OC!
Please check BIOS settings, risers, connectors and PSU
Use OS image with suitable AMD driver version

I’ve had some luck by simply switching to NBMiner the AMD cards must have been failing in PhoenixMiner. Im still using HiveOs Beta as well so that may have helped.

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