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RX 6700 XT card issues

Card is showing up as an error. Installed new pcie on card, moved pcie port around, reset rig several times. Nothing. Please help!

a problem with memory GDDR6

Does the card work on its own?

HiveOS is up to date.

It started happening when one of my 2000w PSU’s went out and I switched it out with an 850w with its soul purpose to running my 2 AMD cards.

No it does not. Not since my PSU went out and switched it with an 850w to run just my 2 AMD cards.

so if you swap the 2 cards around using the riser/cables/slot etc that the working card was in, this card still doesnt work? sounds like a faulty card then. should still be under warranty as 6700xt are only a little over a year old max

Swapped risers, all cables, slots, power cables from PSU, etc. tried everything. Even running the card by itself with all my other 11 cards disconnected. Shows error but shows up a card is there.

Bought on amazon less than a year ago, running less than 2 months. (Sat in a closet for 6 months before o acquired my full rig).


rule out all other variables, test on other pcs/psus etc. if it doesnt work, rma it

Created support ticket on both AMD website and XFX.

@keaton_hiveon i have an rma now but need to give an example of the malfunction. The options I can pick are below. Please help me which one to pick and what to explain. Thanks

Can anyone read the thread and help me how to fill this RMA out?


It’s likely to be one of the NO POST options, but you should know if you connect it to a computer as the main GPU display in bios to confirm things. Reading this forum it sounds like it could have been the power supply or the users fault. You better have a better story behind this that doesn’t involve mining.

I just sent it off

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