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RX 6700 low hash rate

My rx 6700 xt has low hash rate.
Isn’t a low hash rate for those settings? If I do not set any values I’m having 44ms/s but with a lot of invalid shares.

Not sure on the hash rate, but curious what version (hiveos) you’re on. I tried using 0.6-203-stable (mix rig nVidia 6090 / 6700xt and couldn’t get the 6700 to work. Thanks for any advice.

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You can try using a mixed flight sheet with T-rex miner and Teamredminer. that worked great for me until i reebooted and had the same drops in hashrate as you. I’we now switched to NBminer for for all cards and it seems to work great! Your settings looks good so you should be getting 46+ mhs.

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i had to flash the new Image update 0.6-202 to get the cards working

rtx 2070 8gb 178 2530 125 : 45.21 mh/s

what do you mean, i have the same issue on 203 i just made the ubuntu and hiveOS upgrade but my 6700xt is red and has no mem informations thats strangt should i reinstall the full system?

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