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RX 6600 XT "GPU Error no Temps" when using hive OS Beta version

hello friends, I want to share information here as well as find a solution for my rig RX 6600 XT

few days ago I bought 6x RX 6600 XT (3x Asus Dual, 3x MSI Gaming X), and it’s been running for almost a week.

I as an RX 6600 XT user, I often get notifications about “GPU ERROR no TEMPS” or “GPU DETECTED DEAD” when using the beta version (6-209 / 6-210). Always error in a few hours when i use beta version.

but when I use the stable version 6-208@210818, I don’t get many errors, but the annoying thing is that the hashrate is limited to only running at 28 mh/s.

this is my specs

  • 6x RX 6600 XT
  • MSI b450 Gaming plus max
  • AMD Athlon 3000G with Radeon Vega Graphics
  • 8GB HyperX RAM
  • PSU MPG 850w Gold Modular
  • USB SanDisk 3.2Gen1 15.4GB

Mining = Ethereum
miner = Team red miner

for details

for wattage my PSU, I have adjusted it to the wattmater (wall = 370 w)

please help me, what should i do?


help me plase :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, in the last stable version the OC for the 6600 XT’s wasn’t available (there were a few reddit threads on it)

I got that same GPU no temps error so many times that I eventually switched the rig to Windows for now (still mining on hiveon pool).

I think it may be because HiveOs had the AMD 20.40 drivers still but the only drivers that officially support the 6600 XT are 21.30 and above.

Some people got good luck and they work fine in HiveOs. I’m just not one of them. Once they update the drivers I’ll switch back (so much more convenient than my windows set up)

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thank you for replying

do you know when will hive OS release the latest stable version?

is it still a long time or is it near?

I can’t wait to use the latest stable version.

very annoying beta version for RX 6600 XT :frowning:

i am on 0.6-210, this is stable, i think.

i got the same “GPU ERROR no TEMPS” or “GPU DETECTED DEAD” notification, when i used to aggressiv clocking/volting values on my card. especially with VDDCI and MVDD

i saw so many different values for VDDCI MVDD in this forum, but i nothing works for my card.

VDDCI with 620 keeps crashing my whole system instantly, as an example.
i started with VDDCI 700 and MVDD 1330 and the lowered it with 5/10 steps. also lowering the MEM and Core has some positive effects on the Hashrate and Power Usage.

And every card is unique

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Hey man! What is your uptime ?
I also have 4x6600XT`s from Sapphire
2xPulse and 2xNitros
Max uptime I have is about 6-7 hours and then “GPU no temps” or “SMU may be not in the right state”

My settings are pretty similar core 960, VDD 650, VDDCI 640,620,700 (depends on card), MVDD 1275,1300 and MEM 1130

Im getting on Gminer 32,3 Mh with 275@Wall on LolMiner 31,7Mh and a few Watts less at the wall

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don’t use VDDCI or MVDD if you want stable mining using RX 6600 XT

use CC, VDD , MC only

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You are great Mate :fist_left:

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