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RX 6600 on BTC- S37 - Watchdog soft lockup problem

Hello everyone.

I have a rig like this:

  • BTC-S37 PBGO Mother Scheme
  • 2x CPU Intel Celeron 847 @ 1.10 GHz CPU
  • Model TA BT58SSD08M 128GB disk
  • System type: linux
  • Kernel 5.10.0-hiveo # 83
  • 8 MSI RX 6600 113-V502MECH-0OC Video Cards

1 of these video cards is giving me problems.

On departure, if it is armed, the system stops on the message:

watchdog: bug: soft lockup cpu # 1 stock for 22s

As soon as I take out this card and rig with the other 7, no problem.

Can anyone help me please?

What clocks are you running?

here they are. They are stable on another 7 rigs. Without the indicated card they are stable

Try removing the undervolts on the problem card, your memory voltage is on the low side.

thanks but as soon as I insert it the system crashes with the error. i can’t change oc. In any case, the other 60 cards with these values ​​have been online for 60 days

try it by itself, set higher voltages/remove voltages before booting, if it doesn’t boot sounds like a faulty card

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