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RX 6600 not working. Build 5.4.0-hiveos #140 - 0.6-209@210826

My new RX 6600 wont start mining. I have just updated to the latest stable build and using Trex miner with various different OC settings attempted.
Do I have to change to the Beta build?

did it work with these settings before? maybe you need to raise a bit the vDD and VDDCI

It was initially showing as un-supported so I updated to the latest build to get the drivers. Now it seems to be fully functional but wont start mining. In other older posts it seems to work using the Beta build but I think the latest stable should have the correct drivers now? Could the problem be T-rex miner?

you can test with different miner yeah. try team red miner, its for AMD or phoenix miner.

Ok. Will try those. Thanks.

Ok just realised that T-rex is only for Nvidia cards.
Is there a way to run 2 different miners in one worker such as T-Rex for the Nvidia cards and TeamRed for the AMD cards?
Or do I have to switch to Phoenix miner that will mine for both types?

Yay! It’s working now using NBminer and I am getting a better hash for my RTX 3060ti.
I decided to go with NBminer as hopefully they will fully hack that stupid LHR restrictor and we can have the option of using new Nvidia cards…
This looks like a very decent AMD card though.

You can use 2 miners in one flightsheet. You need to specify the devices in miner config.

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I like this card pretty much. I have only one card which is rx570 and it makes 32 mhs with 102 watts. 6600 gets the same with 50 watts. Thats why i really like it.

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