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Rx 6600 non xt

First of all, sorry for my bad English, I use google translate. I bought 12 sapphire pulse rx 6600 non xt yesterday. When I install HiveOs I can only run it in Gminer. I can’t use any overclock because the system crashes. When I don’t overclock, it gives a gpu driver error in 1-2 hours and goes to n/a mode. pls help me

What versions are you running? What clocks are you settings?

I am using version 0.6-217@220422. I’m leaving without any overclocking to try. However, even as it is, it falls out of my way.

Stock settings it’s normal to cause crashes, they’re not good for mining. What setting were you trying?


1150 on the memory is too high for a 6600. Their max is 950.

try these settings.

Try these , Ive been using it with no problems
nbminer, gminer

You’re burning too much power for no reason. Get 29Mh/s at 40w by going with:
901 core
Mem 950
If your ASUS will be giving you a hard time run it at 680/680 or try mem 940.
Your extra .25Mh/s is not worth additional 10-15watts and higher temps :wink:

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Sapphire Pulse RX6600 Micron Memory
Core Clock: 901MHz
VDD/VDCCI/MVDD : 630/630/1165 mV
Memory Clock: 950 MHz
Power Limit: 65 W
SoC Frequency: 420MHz
SoC VDDmax : 790 mV

Results : Ethash 28.90 Mh / 50 W
Temperatures are Core 45 degrees / Memory 56 degrees on my cards depending on ambient temperature and autofan settings.

I tried those settings when i got my cards my 4 first 6600 and worked on the mobo aI was using, then I got a shitty btc t37 and can only use those setting on some 6600, check the screen shot, I cant get memory volt below 1200 , this motherboard is soooooo slow to apply oc settings that give me a lot of trouble, so i decided for just 20W more leave it like that, now i tried again getting gpu driver error, those graphics with the driver error I just used 1000/650/680/950/1200 nbminer crash with code 11, so I tried TRM and works but less hashrate same W, gminer for now is doing well, lets see in 24hrs

Try to apply different OC settings (voltages) with 920 on memory since you might get one card that won’t work higher than 935-940. See if this is a mem-related issue. Yes, those mobos can give you a lot of trouble but sometimes we’re blaming the wrong parts. Anywhere from 1140 to 1200 should work. Most of the time 1160 is enough on those boards. Only one card at the time and let it run for a bit. Restart miner to finalize your tests after like 15 minutes and if it runs - you’re good to go to the next GPU.
If you want to swap and try a solid setup I do personally like Z490 or B250C BTC 12x USB3.0 the one that has M2 in the middle (new updated version). I pair B250c with Intel Core i3-6100T and two RX6600 mining on that rig take !!! 130w out of the wall. That’s the best you can get mining at around 0,725 efficiency on cards and less than 50w for the whole setup having about 1 PCIe 16x lane split to 12 USBs running just fine if you don’t have a complete blend of GPUs.

I been trying all day with this slow mobo, card by card finally found some stability with those settings, the Sapphires dont go below 50w and powercolor dont hit 29 I went down like 30w in total, temp pretty much the same maybe sometimes lower but thats a different history where I have my rigs.

Ok. Moving forward you can try to:

  1. Use autofan to keep core below 55C instead of manual fans
  2. Your issues could be due to the DP. Unset the current flightsheet. Go to overclock TAB and click “wipe out” all the OC settings. Write them one by one again for each card. You can’t remove DP unless you wipe out all the OC.
  3. Try some cards at 940 core 670 | 680 | 1140 and mem 940. See what they do. This way you might be able to drop another 3-4w per card removing an extra 30-40w. Let me know how it goes.

DP clean, new OC settings, new Flightsheet, and tryed something different on the XFX with hynix, now gonna let it run and test if is stable :slight_smile:

Now I need to work on my other rig XD 6800xt 6700xt and 2070super :imp:

Are you sure you did it right? This tab (step 1) and click here (step 2). Based on your screenshot I still see DP across all the cards.

Yes dpm is only for the 580 the other cards are not affected by the dpm is on 0 so no effect on the 6600s

From little that I know when you add DP for one card, it can mess up other settings. I know it’s 0 but I’ve seen cases where any DP can affect how OC works. Just stay away from it completely. You don’t need it at all.

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