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Rx 6500 xt not mining

I have an and rx 580 mining with a rx 6500 xt which will not mine. Both are updated as well as the hive is fully updated. The chips of the rx 6500 xt is flashed. They both show, but the rx 6500 xt isn’t mining. I hope someone might have a new solution. Btw. The rx 6500 xt worked on nice hash so I know it’s still good.

can you post some screenshots of your overview page and of your miner console/log?

also post your flight sheet

Have you tried other miners? Doesn’t seem like a hive issue, looks like trm is ignoring it.

Yes I was mining on NiceHash and went back to verify it was still working after i finally noticed the 6500 not working. It still works on nice hash. The older card works better here on hive is the reason I switched.

Nicehash isn’t a miner, I mean another miner software like gminer, bzminer, lolminer and so on. Have you tried any others besides trm?

Then it’s no. I understand NiceHash is only a site for mining and uses multiple mining sites. My 6500 was working well on most of the mining site through nice hash. Do you have a recommendation for a miner to test my gpus?

Just pick different ones from the list, I named a few above that you should try, and see if they recognize the card.

I tried several miners on your site, none worke on my 6500, and only a couple worked on my small card. I’ll try to return my card for a better one.

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