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RX 590 support?

Hey everyone! I just got an RX 590 today and it won’t work with anything, I’m pretty sure it’s a driver issue. I’ve tried to update it and that doesn’t work either. Just so you know I’m a newb when it comes to this ha ha! Please help!

I’m curious what kind of results you get with the new card. Have you been able to mine with it on another OS?

I’m wondering the same thing. I just got a Sapphire RX590 Yesterday and it shows up as a 470/480 with a GPU driver error.

Another user on Facebook did a post about the linux driver stak being the issue. Apparently it’s the same issue that affected the Raven Ridge launch. As far as results, I’ve used it on ethash with 31.4ish mh/s and 8.5-10 mh/s on x16r. Haven’t tried it on Cryptonight V8 but I will soon and report back.

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Thanks for sharing your results. Seems comparable to the rx580. How is the power efficiency?

Hey, Its it worth it to buy the RX 590, What is the advantage. I ask because with my RX 580 4g I get 30.5 Mhs in ethereum and is very stable

I have the same problem with my RX 590. After the Hive’s booting process (everything seems ok), I lose video signal before to see the welcome Hive screen… HELP!

Hey, today i tried to run rx 590 8gb xfx fatboy on hive and it doesnt work. Driver is 18.10. I was searching for some info on forum and on internet and find nothing. Could someone help ? What should i do ?

I have a rig with 7 of the fatboys, I’ve been trying to get them to run for over two months. help anybody