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Rx 580 sapphire nitro getting only 20 hashrate

Can anyone one tell me what is going on another rx 580 is giving 30 can i do better?

Have you optimized / patched the card’s vBIOS yet?

No bro i have not done it
I m getting 30 on micron and 20 on sk hynix memory
Then why there is difference between their hashrates although they both are not modded.
How to optimise and patch vbios dear ?

Reply dear

You have to be careful when you attempt to flash your cards with HiveOS, but it’s definitely the right way to go to increase your hashrate. If you are okay with English, watch Vosk’s video on how to modify a card’s vBIOS. Then you need to look for a short video guide on how to flash the card using HiveOS.

This explains in great length on how to modify the ROM with one click.

If you don’t want to bother watching it, simply get the latest “PolarisBiosEditor”. The older version on their github, 1.6.7 is great too. You have to experiment a bit.

Lastly, you need to flash the modified vBIOS. When I started, the guide I used on how to save and upload a vBIOS in HiveOS was this video:

Good luck! It sounds like a lot of effort when you see my post, but its a matter of 2 minutes of ‘work’. When it’s done, you will most likely get 30 MH/s

Edit: Very important! The videos mention this too, but always make backup copies of the original vBIOS from the card in case anything should ever go wrong or if you don’t get the results you were hoping for!

Do i need to do both method that first one voskcoin and the other savageminer dear? Or go with voskcoin method only?

Thank you dear Newbie_miner
Now i m getting 30 hash rate after modding bios.
Do you have any good over clock setting for my cards

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