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RX 580 Samsung-Hynix memorz high consumption

Hi, new to the forum, I saw few posts already on this topic, but nothing seems to be working for me.
Did one click patching on Polaris, all sorts of tweaking on HiveOS, but nothing seems to lower my W. If anybody has an advice I would very much appreciate it.

Do you have aggressive undervolting enabled?

Yes I have

Set your core state to 1 and it’s should lower your power draw then

Did it right now but nothing changed

Can you post a screenshot of your worker overview, without cropping the settings/miner/software versions etc? More info the better.

Power consumption is lower then on the previous screen because GPU’s are cooler.

You still have dpm set to 3…

What miner? Is that the lowest you can go on the core voltage while maintaining stability?

If I go lower it crashes, Teamredminer…