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Rx 580 Red Devil won’t flash won’t hash

Can’t figure out what the problem is with this one gpu can’t seem to get anything out of it!!! Uploading: 00D31F27-44AE-4E87-A139-01613572F8F8.jpeg… Uploading: CEDA898C-CAA8-4AE6-98ED-AEFB6ABE5AE5.jpeg… Uploading: 1C4C8618-0AA2-44EF-8B14-AF2244DE3A00.jpeg…

If anyone could help me out It would be greatly appreciated! Can it be fixed??? The fans run and it lights up… Won’t hash

It appears you failed the vbios flash. Try flashing again with force bios flash option or flash stock bios and check again

Thanks for your reply. you are the best!! trying to flash it just fails every time. How would I go about flashing stock Bios? I don’t have a saved download. don’t know what original bios was! ** Thanks Rob

Do you see the number after the memory name micron. This is the bios version. Go in internet and search with this number and check if the memory and maker is the same in the website.

By the way try flashing when you select the farm and the worker and then go to overclocking tab and on the left you should see a button flash bios. Select force flash option and give it a try.