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RX 580 PowerColor 8GB Overclocking Problem

Hello guys,

I just set up my new mining rig. Now I have 2 problems:

1.) I can overclock the first 3 GPUs up to 2130 Mem. But the other four cards crash the rig when I try to increase the MEM.

2.) I installed the GPU 0 on my PCIe x16 slot. The other ones are connected with normal raisers. When I try to remove the GPU from the x16 Slot and connect it with a raiser to PCIe x1 the whole mining Hasrate will fluctuate from 20 - 26 MHs. And the Wattage fluctuate too. Without Undervolting settings the wattage is only 60 - 80. It should be ~ 115 watt.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Anyone help?

  1. Crashing when overclocking usually means you’re overclocking too much. But your system seems completely unstable. See (2) below.

  2. It sounds like you either have poor power delivery to the risers or possibly bad USB cables on the risers.

What kind of riser are you using? Do they have the SATA power connectors?

Seconding farkeytron here.
I was powering risers fine with SATA until I got more than 4 cards in the rig. After that I saw similar instability so moved to PCI-E power with splitter cables. This also increased my 580 hash rates a bit.

That said, I have one Power Color 580 that runs hotter and produces stale hashes lately. I’m currently downclocking it a bit to see if I can make that stop.

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