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RX 580 - Overclock - What are the does and donts

Hello, I’m trying to overclock my RX 580 XFX 8GB. card

This is my current output, but I’ve seen people reach around 32 MH/s and a much lower watt output then what I currently have and that is my main ambition to reach a much lower watt usage but also increase the mh\s if possiblle.

  1. Taken from the pic I posted the MemLoad is 100% - does this mean I can’t increase MHz any more in my OC settings?

2)What are the voltage settings, and within which parameters should I play around with them and which numbers?

3)I’ve seen people post (i.e.) 1070 1100 1125 etc - should there just be one setting for any one card? Or does it cycle through these? Or is it for multiple cards?

How do I get my watt usage down while upping performance?
What settings should\can I change without bricking my card?

I tried some settings others have and got this

This is current, on TeamRedMiner

Card is moddeed wth one time click on Polaris BIOS editor
4) Does it get better if I buy Polaris and chose ethash as algorhytm?

No. This value has no interaction with OC directly. It’s only says that some app (miner and algorithm in our case) that uses GPU used VRAM

Core voltage depends from GPU.
For most RX 580 you start play with 850 mV on ethash

This depends on what is your primary goal - max hashrate or min power usage or max power efficiency
For max hashrate, you’ll need more core clock and some voltage adjustments. For min power usage you’ll need lower core clock and can set the lower voltage for core. For max power efficiency, you’ll need to find the golden mean.