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RX 580 OC settings

Hi there!
My rig has an uptime of about 4-5 hours. After that time I get a wdog error on GPU 3. I have tried several configurations but can’t find the right ones. All MICRON graphics cards bios are ex factory. Can you help me with a proper settings? I am somewhat desperate … Thank you!

Have you tried lowering the core and memory speeds even further and/or bumping up the core voltage?
Try 1000 core / 2000 mem at 1000mv VDD and let it run for a while… see if you get the same wdog.
Some cards are poor performers and can’t maintain full hashrates due to various issues.

Why don’t you try running the config for the other Micron memory cards for GPU3, I see your settings for GPU3 are different from the other RX580s running Micron memory.

I sadly do not have Micron but here are my settings for Samsung memory. Maybe you could try these as well and see what they get you.

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