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Rx 580 oc problem

hi guys i have sapphire rx 580 8gb pulse mining bios hashrate is something about 29mh but power consumption is 154w what is wrong? When i do any OC in hiveos hashrate will be 0 . What im doing wrong?

You dont have any OC setting, try someting like this in the icon like a velocimeter.

Hey I have same card. My OC Settings may help you. This settings worked for me(without bios modded) if still need help let me know…

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thanks for the settings, works great!!

Hi BithighMiner.

Thanks for the settings. I’ll have to try them. The low power consumption is interesting. I have same MH/s but use 140 watt.

I have some questions.

Which miner er you using. I’m using RedTeamMiner and I have experienced that you can’t always use same settings for different miners.

How many shares per GPU do you get out of this setting.?

In my current setting I currently get apprx. 900 shares per GPU running 30 mh/s per day and I find it very low compared to some AMD Vega Frontier Edition GPU’s that I run. From my Vega GPU’s I get appr. 2.500 out of each GPU running 39 MH/s and using 115 watt. This means that the share output per MH/s from my Vega GPU’s is over twice as good with almost same power consumption.

In general I simply don’t get that. I though that the MH/s was the only factor that determined the amount of shares you would get.

Hope you can enlight me.

Stock bios.

Sorry, I can’t enlightened you, I’m a newb too. I imagine its not linear though. Faster GPUs are going to crush old GPUs all day.

I find Phoenix Miner works best.

Try to get new cards, I’ve built 5700XT and 3060TI rigs, its laughable how much more money they make compared to the old rig. 3060TI is the best card right now for value/profitablility and once ETH goes 2.0, you’ll still be able to mine other coins profitably.

2060 Supers are good value too and you might be able to get them at a decent price, or 2nd hand.