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RX 580 Nitro + 8 GB | Rig Freeze | Gigabyte B250-FinTech

Hi everyone,
I just startet using HiveOS, but my Rig with 11GPUS Freeze after 10hours… and I can not reboot from admin dashboard.
Here are my settings:
CoreClock: 1100
Core State: 6
CoreVoltage: 920
Memory Clock: 2000
Mem State: 1
Fan: 60

thank you

your config seems ok. try to reflash with a different rom-file or try to use a different usb-stick for your system :wink:

Ok, I will change the ssd… are you using RX580, too ? Can you share your room with me ?
thank you.

try dpm 2 or 3 and mem state blank

Rig is runing now since days without any errors… :slight_smile:

After updating HiveOS, Im getting the error: “Kernal panic- not all syncing: timout not all gpus entered broadcast exception handler”… any idea ?