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RX 580 MSI | Cannot get it to work at 100% mh/s

Hi all! Hope you are well. I need some help with my configuration.
I built my rig 3 days ago, just with 2 GPUs because I was missing a Riser. I flashed the bios with Polaris, got the error but applied it anyways, changed all OC values but couldn´t get more that 21.51 MH/s.
Yesterday I got the riser and connected the 3rd GPU (All are RX 580 MSI) and for my surprise I found this:

Without doing anything at all, I rebooted the rig with the 3rd GPU already connected and found that GPU 0 was already at 100% and the new one GPU 2, without flashing the BIOS, also was at 100% of its limit, but GPU 1 it´s still mining at 21.5 mh/s

Any thoughts??

u can try download bios on gpu 0 and use that bios to flash to GPU 1