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RX 580 Invalid Shares - Newly Developed Issue

Hi! I was hoping someone could help point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this issue. I have a rig running 6x AMD RX 580 OC Edition cards. While the price was very low I decided to shut down the rig for a few months and now I’ve been mining with it for the past 3 weeks.

I now seem to get quite a few invalid shares on only one of the 6 cards. For example over the past 6 days I have 88 invalid shares. I’ll admit I didn’t use my own custom bios files but one that was created by someone else online that many people verified to be quite stable and it has been. I’m sure a few people reading this are yelling at me now. But those files have been working very well for me. I have tried reflashing with the two different variants I have but it hasn’t seemed to help.

I am assuming that shutting down the rig for a while may of been damaging to this one card and I may have to create my own custom bios file? Sorry I have read a ton of info off of Google and various groups but I haven’t found anything that has clicked in my mind as a solution.

You need to apply some OC settings to your cards… It is quite normal that some cards are performing better then others. It is also quite normal that cards are degrading while being used. So, if they were working fine without invalid shares, that doesn’t mean they will work forever like that.

So to help me grasp how to proceed, should I flash the original bios back to the card and modify OC settings within HiveOS? I have always just used the modified BIOS files.

You can leave the BIOS as it is… just configure OC settings from Hive to see what hash rates you can achieve with that. Then you decide if results are good enough for you (hash rates, stability, power consumption, …) or not. If not - then you can think about modding your BIOS.

Thank you, for some reason I assumed modified BIOS files would override any OC settings created in HiveOS.

Just go and try some OC settings. Try something modest (core clock 1100, mem clock 1900, voltage 950, mem state 1) and move forward from there. If you are sensitive to power consumption, enable aggressive undervoltage and start lowering voltage towards 800 or so…

Your timing for going away and coming back lines up with the Monero and other cryptonight algo coins to move on to harder algo several weeks ago. I saw Invalid Share when I installed hiveos a few days ago, until I either changed coin or currency “monero” to “monero7”. Then I upgraded xmr-stak, and monero7 became an error and I had to go back to “monero”. Other cryptonight coins might require r or h, now just the coin name if upgraded miner(not hiveos) software.

Other than that one-time cause of Invalid Shares, I need to do what people here are recommending because I have rx580 cards too.

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Been playing around with settings on all my cards and I’ve been able to save a lot of power and keep the temp down quite substantially so far. Still have 6 invalid shares last night. Tweaked the power again and I’ll see how it goes today. I appreciate the help!

My system has the same problem. Someone have a solution to help