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RX 580 Gigabyte Gaming Samsung memory

you have to enable aggressive undervolting in the oc settings

thanks for your answer, when I select the voltage drop it applies this selection to all cards, however I just installed a bios with mods on one card. I guess that’s why the cards are dropping.

yes you can’t apply it for only one card but it will affect all amd cards on the rig (nvidia card wan’t be affected)

i installed bios mod only on a card i guess i need to install vbios on all cards. thank you

Hi, @amackata would you help me? My card is: MSI Radeon RX 580 ARMOR OC 8GB GDDR5. RAM: Samsung K4G80325FC xxx-xxx-xxx My BIOS: BIOS Download

Hi @bill,
Ok. I think it’s the same VBIOS I shared before, but I do it again. You can download here:

Any way remember this, POLARIS BIOS EDITOR is really easy:


Thank you!

thank you very much :grinning:

Hello community

I have a problem with Radeon RX 580 8 GB video cards - OEM - Samsung

By default they give approximately 27 mhs.

I used Polaris Bios Editor and it gave me 3 versions: Ubermix 3.1, 3.2, 3.3.

After using any of the three options with HiveOs, the video card system freezes and I must restart. The only way to mine again is to go back to the original bios that I have as backup.

Sorry for my English, I’m using a translator hehe

Si hay alguien de Argentina en el foro y me puede ayudar… no pretendo que sea gratis!!

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I’m having an issue that seems related to what’s been posted in this thread, but not exactly. I have 2 rigs mixed with NVIDIA/AMD GPUs that I had to split up this way for stability. However, I’ve been trying to flash the BIOS for one with Samsung processor to align with the better performance as the one with SK Hynix process. I followed the steps for flashing the BIOS here in Hive ( and on YouTube ( After both attempts I’m still left with the same amd-info specs.

See below info for both scenarios. Top one is for one with SK Hynix microprocessor, the bottom with Samsung.

Am I missing something in the process of flashing the BIOS? I’ve never had to do this before and struggling how to optimize this one GPU. Any help with this would be much appreciated.


hi there i got 3 rx580 in one rig, sometimes i need to restart several times to get detected the 3 cards, when i power on the cards that going to be not detected even start the fan.

Hello I have a sapphire nitro + with Samsung memory I flash with hiveos and polaris but it remains a 27mh!

My settings oc

Running the amdmemtweak yet?


@GTMINER @agbinformatica
Sorry for the delay !!! My server was down !!!
Now you can try to download again from the same link…

@agbinformatica Cualquier problema avisame y te doy una mano …

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Hi @Chaftsat
I think you can try to get more Mh…

If doesn’t work with my settings try using my vbios mod, also somebody in the forum are getting like 32 Mh or more…
Happy Mining for all !!!

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amackata Is your vbios compatible with my graphics card🙏

Radeon RX 590 8192 MB · Sapphire puls
Samsung K4G80325FC · 113-4E3661U-S6R

Nop. Try to use POLARIS BIOS EDITOR … and tell me if works !

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I did it but nothing
Can I send you the bios If you can do the bios modded please :pray: