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RX 580 core voltage stuck


I have 7 rx 580 cards, and a few weeks ago, for no apparent reason, the core voltage got stuck! No matter what I set, the miner shows 950/975 mV.

and for example teamredminer shows this:

As you can see Vega cards are unaffected by this bug. What I tried so far is: upgrade hiveos, change miners, flash stock vbios. Nothing helped. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?


What are the OC settings you use

As you can see from the first image core voltage 875 or 861 depends on the card, 1200 / 1250 mhz and memory frequency vary as well. You can see all of this in the images.

Try removing the dmp states from the OC settings and increase a bit the fan speed 70 is hot. Also switch on the aggressive undervolting on

Hah, this was very funny. I changed DPM on one gpu, just for test to 0, and restarted. And all of a sudden all gpus are working correctly now! Thanks!

DPM states are setting the GPU and/or Memory to certain state where they need to use certain clock and voltage. so dont use it if you have set your custom voltages. if you set 0 DPM state it means automatic selection. But you provide the core clock and voltage so no need of DPM state selection. same is for memory.

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