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Rx 580 asus

Hello there!
I am talking about this card

This card is normal now after 1 hour or 5. randomly uses 136 watt suddenly and degrees goes up to 76celcius.
then I change powerline 75 to 76 or 76 to 75 it comes back normally

the BIOS I use I Polaris Editor 1.7.5 and one click strimmer than saved up and uploaded to this device.

i couldnt find any solution please help me

I solved the problem,it’s because I didnt set voltage for memory it was without value. getting crazy with stock value I think.

dude your settings are not bad but you can do much better.
for starters all you rx 570 580 cards are samsung. i suggest you run again the bioses with polaris bios editor and use the uber mix 3.2 not the 3.1
click no to the 3.2 and click yes to the 3.2 version when asked.
then upload the bioses and start with settings :
1150 core clock
850 core voltage
800 memory controller voltage
2100 memory clock.
amdmemtweak --ref 30
aggressive undervolting on
all other fields are empty. dont use DPM states they dont work. dont use power limits they are not for AMD cards.
test and let me know how it runs

by the way your temps are high , aim to keep them below 60-65.
My fan is set to 55% constant and it keeps the card 52-55 degrees C.

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