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Rx 580 8gb setup

Hi Everyone,

just got a bunch of rx 580 and will start my first eth mining rig soon.
I did a bunch of research but I’m still a bit unsure on a couple points:

  • should I use the polaris “one click” timing mod for the bios? (does it work on hive os being linux?)
  • driver wise should I just update all cards to the newest ones?
  • should I fine tune the oc for each card one at the time and put them in the rig only after?

thanks for your help

  • One click BIOS Bios can generate problem on Sapphire that host Samsung and Hynix
  • I use latest, nothing to say, may be not the most efficient, but as I am ~32 Mh/s i don’t touch anymore
  • Depends of your PSU, you you have confortable margin run all cards at stock, then start tuning one by one

so what is the best practice for the bios? see what memory type I have on each card and google some bios timings to set myself?

From my experience, Samsun memory tweaked, Hynix untouched
Hynix has allready very tight timings

All others boards : Asus, MSI aare either Samsung, Micro or Hynix, easy ti bios mod > one click and flash

One clicl bios mod them. I use uber 3.2 for samsung. You cant update drivers because amdbare inbuild in the hiveos kernel. You cant fine tune a card and transfer it in the right. I didnt understand what you are asking here.
You just insert it in the rig, load hive, OC it and done. Keep in mind that when you bios mod, save the original bios and mod it and save the mod with different name to keep both.
After moding with polaris bios editor one click, flash the bios back but first stop the miner. Rig needs to be idle.
Flash restart amd OC the card.
Some cards are optimal around these settings 1150 core, 850 core voltage, 2050 memory clock and 800 memory controler voltage.

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