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Rx 580 8gb oc


i got two rx 580 8gb, one is sapphire pulse other one sapphire se. Both of them are flashed via polaris and now both of them running with around 32 mhs with 110W. Couldnt i get higher mhs or lower consumption? Below is my settings.


RX570/580 with Samsung memory consumes power between 102-117. That’s normal.
As for going for more hashrate, I won’t recommend that since the rig might become unstable.

I’ve ran 33.5 hash for days on 85-90 watts on 3 580’s and one 590. Rebooted recently but ran 4000 shares without an invalid.

What brands of those cards do you have? And which memory? Mine 580s are both sapphire. One is pulse and one is se.

I have all memory’s one is Samsung, micron, and Hynix. The 590 is micron also. 2 are sapphire pulse one is msi.

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The bottom settings are sapphire Samsung, the second is sapphire micron if that helps. I went very slowly in the ramp up. I found if I immediately changed it kicked shares but could have been coincidence

And what miner do you use? Phoenix miner?


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For some reason, my RX570 8GB only gives me 26 MH/s. I am using the same oc settings as you and flashed the vbios.

That is weird, but seems to me that you have too low consumption. Maybe try to set your voltage higher. Anyway on my other 570s i use these settings.


hey, can u point me to the vbios file, i have issues with my pulse rx580 with samsung mem.thanks

these setting my 0 invalid share both 580 take 220w stable like rock

nice, how long run u have had with these oc’s

i try different setting but my 580 temp high go 75 c these setting working couple of days most important to me watt consumption on the wall 110 w

i could go 33.66 but it increase watt comsumption

whole system run 900watt two 580 card still sit alone hoping

so are u still on these high oc´s on 580? or?

hi again
what’s your 580 brands
and memory ?
is REF40 isn’t to high?

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