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RX 580 8GB - Is this overclock safe?

Hello guys, is this overclock safe? I want my GPU to last… Im pretty happy with the MHS and dont care if it was 29, 30 or 31… I just want to be safe! Original bios! If I do a bios mod, how many MHS can I make?

ASUS temps is lower because its an STRIX model with 3 coolers on it and a beefier cooler!

I think your MHS is good and temps is normal, stable is the most important.

It is stable!! I think its safe, right? I dont want to force the gpus too much

Yeah, it’s safe.

You are ok but your 3060ti Hynix has more to give …go your mem to 1800 and your core to 1600… (~40 - 41 mh/s)

I really want to get into the 40mhs zone with the 3060ti, but ive made the changes as you sad and the hashrate stays a little higher only (38.75mhs)!! can I optmize some more configs to get 40mhs?

And look at this!! I bought another RX 580 (used) but I think it has a bios mod on it!! Look at the XFX, consuming much less wattage and producing more hashrate… Is the overclock safe on the XFX and ASUS for long term? And for sure that the XFX has bios mod, right? Should I try to get more of the XFX? hahah I didn’t want to do this overclock on the ASRock because it has the smaller cooler and no backplate, or It will be safe too? And what tipe of bios mod the XFX has? Should I try it on the ASUS and ASRock? Because its worth it, consuming a lot less!!

Your OC its ok for xfx … but beware of high temps…i think for polaris 1200 (vdd 850-900) mem 2150 its ok for longevity…and temp 50-55…

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