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RX 580 8gb GTS stopped working


I have a total of 4 RX 580 8Gb GTS card and 1 RX 5700XT and up until yesterday everything was working fine, but when i woke up today, 3 stopped working. I tested all of the GPUs and 3 of them will run but after a minute my rig will reboot and it keeps rebooting. This only happens with 3 of the 580s.
Something that happened was, after not running those cards for a couple of hours. They will run again for a little bit and then they just restart.

my power supply is an EVGA 1300 OC but I dont know if the power is not enough. I also tried changing the OC settings but it was of no use. The issue keeps on happenin. Rig just restarts.

Any one have an idea?

Have you tried removing them and than restart adding one at a the time ?

hi there,

have nearly the same problem, the start and stop after some minutes, but no reboot. im running two corsair hx 1200 for 12 rx580 so enough power but same problem


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