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RX 580 8GB giving invalid shares


why gpus give invalid shares? Is it because my OC settings or?

Power draw seems very high. Reduce the core to 1225 and set the PL to 100 and FAN above 65. You might get a dropped hashrate but the rig will be stable.

For these settings, I get over 31MHZ stable without invalid shares.

Thanks, i will try reducing clock on core. But high power draw? Around 100W is very high for rx580?

I thought only Navi cards respected PL settings. PL settings on a 580 will be ignored?

I think it is like that. PL shouldnt work here.

Mine never goes beyond 95W.
I don’t have much experience with samsung memory though. But for Hynix 100W is high.

You mean that 570 of mine? I couldnt figure out better settings… Can you share yours for 570 with hynix memory?

There you go


Use the settings in the above picture first, if it stays stable for a week then tweak.
P.S :- My current settings are different than this. To be precise, I’m using the one I gave in the first comment. But for you, you should use these as of now. And btw, RX 570 and RX580 can be ran on the same OC for their respective memory brands.

hi Nemesis
do you have the 580 cards?
and what’s the oc now?
I have exactly the same cards
with hynix and Samsung memory

570 and 580 runs on the same OC. Check the picture above. I gave settings for 570. You can use yhem for 580 as well.
If you have a 590, you can increase core and MEM by 25. That’s all.

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Hello, good morning, first of all, thank you because your advice is very helpful, I have a 9 rx580 rig, all Samsung memories for more, uqe try configurations, there are two of them that give me invalid actions although all 9 have exactly the same configuration, please help me if you see something wrong thanks for the help

Have you modified the bios

are these bios moded or not ?

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