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Rx 580 8gb does'nt work

Good Morning,

Im newbie in hive os and first problem appears. Dont know why new rx 580 8gb doesnt want to work in system. I have other card rx 580 on different bios and construction and this one works.

your cards are not bios moded right? the RX 580s.
remove DPM states.
OC settings as follows:
1150 core clock, 850 core voltage / 800 Memory controler voltage, 2100 memory clock ( or 2150 if the GPU can do it ).
amdmemtweak --REF 30
Aggressive undervolting switched ON.

Thank you for your replay @rkulov.
Bios was not moded.
Unforunately this method did not help.

Any other help, please?

Maybe card is destroyed because i bought it yesterday or has to less much power?

start without OC settings for this card and see if it will start mining. then if it does start, used 1100 core clock and 2000 memory clock. these are the standard settings. if it runs ok, try tweaking these settings more. maybe its modded but you might need to fix the mod.

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