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Rx 580 8gb cards

Hello whats the best overclock settings for Rx 580 8gb to mine kaspa

I am using core 900 core voltage 725 getting 140mhs on 60w

teamredminer v0.10.9 ---- miner

Latest hiveos version

Best settings differ from card to card, even from the same company/model. Kaspa is core dependent, so higher core clock the more hashrate you’ll achieve. Up to you to find a happy medium of hashrate and powerdraw. If you don’t know where to start with settings on an algo usually has some good starting numbers.

Here’s what I got from my tuning

Not fully satisfied as my GTX 1060 go up to 235 Mh/s
Very strange power drain of brand other than Sapphire

Would be pleased to watch your results readers

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