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Rx 580 4Gb and Vega 64 Rig

Hi. Having trouble with increasing stale shares on my 1 x RX580 4gb card and 1x vega 64 Rig. I can’t seem to get the OC right, and I can’t seem to set a amdmemtweak strap because of the mixed cards. Any suggestions or help would be great.

What miner you run? use Team red miner for amd cards!

I was running lolminer. Would that really make a huge difference ?

Switch to TRM is for amd only… What is your O|C settings ?

Currently I actually just split them into two rigs because I was getting close to 3% stale shares and got scared. I don’t recall what the OCs were on the cards, but I couldn’t run any amdmemtweak without it failing, and any OC I tried I kept getting an increase in invalids.

With them split I found it was the 580 creating the stale shares. I have no OC configuration on it. Any ideas?

These are my settings, they are stable but I can’t get to any higher hash rate than that but if it helps - you can use these

I’ll give these a shot. The reason I was using lolminer was they recent updated so 4gb cards can get over 20 MHS still, but seems to come at a cost.

And the bigger issue still is not being able to run the vega at max while the 580 is in the same rig. Really trying to get those in the same rig running as efficient as possible

Hey figured I update for the thread searchers in case some one comes along later. Found the peak efficiency while having the Vega 64 and Rx 580 4gb in the same rig. In total I’m getting about 68-70 mhs, where as separate it’s 70-76 mhs.

Lolminer for rx 580 with OC 1160/5/850/2000 ref30
TeamRedMiner for vega OC 1000/900/1100

No amdmemtweak strap as it crashes when applying to both cards.

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