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RX 580 2350 memory clock. Too much?

Hi guys,

I’m running a RX 580 with a 2350 in memory clock. I haven’t seen any of the guys with such a clock, but things are running smooth here.

Do you think that OC is dangerous?


I have the same hashrate with 2050 Mem clock… I would suggest lowering it down and see if you will loose any hashrate…

If you haven’t done so, try using Polaris BIOS Editor and mod your BIOS.

Sadly, when I low it down, I lose hashrate. I’ve let it through this day and got some invalid shares. I think I’m going to low it down then. Thanks for the help, givo.

Can you share your settings.
I just got a 580 card and I am wanting to set it up

Lower down your MEM to 2100 and increase your CORE to 1225 with a PL of 100 and FAN at 80.
This settings work fine for me at approx 32MHZ. Your OC can be dangerous and the card can be bricked.

Thanks, guys!

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