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Rx 5700xt and hive os now

i been reading but most of the topic were last year on the rx5700 xt . i am not sure but i tried with a current and the phix miner and it wont mine . what all do i need to do to get the rx5700 xt to mine
di i need to use the beta image and update drivers or was it incorporated into the stable os already and i am just not doing something right . my rig has rx580s and they run fine jsut got a rx5700 xt and wanted to start testing it .


lets start from the beginning.
The stable Hive image now works with the 5700, so make sure you are on that:
hive-replace -y --stable

Next make sure you reboot in maintenance mode so you can set the overclocks with out the miner starting.

After reboot, note the GPU for your 580s vs your 5700s, you may need to adjust your AMDMEMTWEAK settings for the latest GPU locations

Here is a screenshot of my overclocks for a stock 5700.

Those are not really aggressive overclocks, so you should be fine starting there.

Also, I have found that Team Red Miner is really good at running with various versions of cards, so you might want to try that miner.


thank you for the info i am glad the newest image is stable and good with the cards

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