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Rx 5700

Hello everyone, I am looking for advice on how to overclock my RX 5700 for Dynex coin. Currently, I am using 1370 core and 720 memory, but I am experiencing high LA. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

i am using srbminer v2.3.1 and latest hive version

Try lowerring the core clock or raising the voltage until its stable

i did the same still facing LA over 2

High load average can be from many things. Is the LA rising and causing it to crash? If not it’s not an issue.

Slow usb drives can cause this. Are you on the latest stable image?

I downloaded SRB 2.3.2 and here are my settings:

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You can check for OC settings. Usually stable, and pretty efficent.

I tried still not stable

Is it crashing or just high LA? DNX always makes the LA really high. Might need a newer cpu.

Only high la and sometimes stops mining if i restart manually it starts mining again
I tried option mining with 0 hashrate but no use

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Yep, sounds like a CPU issue. DNX needs a new/decent cpu.

Try using third party software such as Soft Power Play Table.

It’s important to remember that changing your graphics card’s BIOS can be risky and could damage your hardware.