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Rx 5700 xt unstable

So this is for my power color rx 5700 xt I just plugged it in and got it working today. Seems fine I’m using overclocks from seems the gpu becomes detected “dead” by TRM every 20 minutes or so

Edit: increasing the vdd from 787 to 790 seemed to pretty much fix it.

any time a gpu is crashing, you need to lower the oc, or raise voltage (or both) and reboot

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raised the voltage to 800 because it still crashed 3 times over night. Will see what happens.

Hey! so do i just keep slowly increasing voltage? i lowered the clock to 1380 and raised vdd to 810. Still crashing every few hours

either lower the core clock or increase the voltage, or a mix of both until stable

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I think maybe i found the issue? i dropped the mem clock by 5mhz and it still hasnt crashed lol. Dosent make any sense to me, but if it works, it works. Could that have been the issue? i mean if it only reboots once every 5-10 hours I guess thats fine since just the miner reboots.

just keep doing this

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is 25.7mh/s (usual) normal? sadly, I can’t view the actual power draw, but the vdd is only 810 so I’m assuming its not using alot of power. I now understand why people say overclocking nvidia is easier lol

Sounds about right.

It seems that raising the memory clock allows me to run it at 1400 core and 780 vdd and be pretty stable. didnt know that too low memory clocks could cause instability lol

Ok I have a question so looking at shell in a box, randomly the power (reported) goes down by 4-5 watts, the hashrate drops from around 25-26 to 23 and the temps go down a few degrees. Nothing changes, the vdd is the same, the clocks are the same, and the fans are the same. I think this may be my issue as no matter what clocks i set it still crashes usually sometime in the night. What could that be?? the hashrate and power stay the same for a while

After running for 10-20 minutes it does this and then a while after that it normals out

Some variation is okay, if it’s still crashing, keep lowering clocks

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Heyyyy!! just checked it!! this is great!

Something interesting (after this i swear ill try to stop bothering you lol) is that the clocks are actually pretty high (1400) and vdd is low 780 :smiley: Thank you!