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RX 5700 XT settings

Hi All

Recently setup some new overclock settings on my 5700 XT cards, just wanted some feedback from people, not sure if these are normal / safe results to be running them 24/7

I’ve been running these like this for about 24hours now, so far 100% share rate.


What main broad are you using and OpenCL ver.?


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For me everything looks great with the exception of the maximum temperature at 88ºC I do not let mine pass 65ºC.

How to ?

asus b250. OpenCl i dont know, whatever version is provided with the latest version of HiveOs.

How do you keep the temp at 65?

I just installed the new version that came out and I’m testing it, I still haven’t been able to adjust the lowest power consumption with higher MH / s I’m still working on it on a RX6800 card model that I believe will heat up and consume even more than the RX 5700 XT if I’m not mistaking, correct me if I’m wrong.!

Ahh ok, so im too sure about 6800XT cards. I dont have any yet so i havent been able to test.

Also would you be able to send me screenshot of the settings you are running the 5700XT cards on? I’m really interested to see what settings you are using to keep the temperature down at 65 degrees.

I tried a few things yesterday but i have not been able to keep a stable temperature under 80 without having the fans run at nearly max which i dont think is a good idea as it will wear them out.

Can some one help me with my RX 5700 XT Gigabyte card? I have a stock bios, getting 55 MH GOU temp is 54 but mem temp is 90.

Is there a bios that will help lower power consumption / mem temp and increase MH?

My Discord is: independentphnx#4143

Thank you in advance!!

I’ve had similar results, though my power consumption is a bit higher and hence the memories run at 92° ish. Would u mind sharing the BIOS so we can check it out?

Newbie here I have an issue

I have 5700xt red devils
I was running on phoenix
I am trying to update my flight sheet and run with team redminer
but it keeps saying closed by pool?
mining ethereum on ethermine everything is the same except i changed to redminer.
Any insight?

don’t use the SSL links

that worked thanks!!!

now it is giving less hashrate than phx miner same overclocks… any idea why?

here to make ssl work.

Add stratum+tcp before the pool address.
In case of SSL add stratum+ssl

Got it thanks again.

Another question, when it say your " GPU1: Share accepted (29ms)" What is the signifgance of the number? The lower the better?

In phx miner it would say 59 to 60 ms. But in lolminer it shows 27 to 29

Are you still on beta or stable img?

29ms means the delay between sending and recieving the share. 29 milliseconds is pretty quick, but generally it doesn’t matter at all how many milliseconds it takes to the server. When i mined for binance some weeks ago, my gminer reported over 26000ms sometimes. I don’t know why, but the latency is near a timeout, i would assume. You shouldn’t worry about everything below 1000ms.

Hey qwaszxman

You squeezed all the juice out from your 5700XTs :slight_smile:

Did you Biod Mod them or only OC from hiveos and mem timings?


to moje ustawienia nocne, bądź jak jest wysoka temperatura za oknem!

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