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RX 5700 XT Sapphire Pulse , lower temperature?

Hello, I have tried to lower the temperatures of my gpus, but I can’t. What should I change? The gpus have a 120mm Fan 3000rpm and the room is at 20°C , but I can’t get lower temperatures.

Do you have modded your Rom ? try 925 to 910

Yes, it has modded . And I have also tried with 900 of mem and 1300 of mvdd . It was a little unstable , but I also failed to lower the temperature . I also tried several versions of hive os .

Put the following values and check …don 't play with MVDD because they can brick your card…
CC1380 / CV780 / VDDCI 850 / M910 / MVDD 1350

It gets worse, I raise the consumption and speed of the fans to keep it at 80c

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