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RX 5700 XT PowerColor - Temps problem

Hi there, I’m new in the mining world and i wanted to know if someone could help me with this.

Is there any way to keep my hashrate and decrease my mem temps? My mems are hitting 90 degrees and i dont know how to fix that. I have other sapphire gpu that has more hashrate and temps are 10 degrees less. Could it be somthing of the manufacturer? Im afraid that something could break in the gpu running at that temps all the time. Here we are in winter and temperature is around 10 and 16 degrees now, im worried at what will happened in the summer if i keep getting this temps.

Thanks for all and sorry for my english, not my main language.
Stay safe!! :slight_smile:

dude your OC settings are incomplete. Add VDDCI 780 to the other card also , and add memory voltage 1300.

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Thanks!!! You are a life saver! My mem temps are 5° less in both of the gpus, power usage drope a lil too and fans are working at half now. Thanks for the advise!!

its important to keep them within the accepted temps and meanwhile to not destroy the fans. i mean they can run pretty high speed but usually its not good to run 100% because they will damage earlier.

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