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RX 5700 XT power consumption HiveOS vs. RaveOS

I have 2 identical rigs, each running 6x RX 5700 XT Sapphire Pulse cards.

For testing I switched one of the rigs from HiveOS to RaveOS. Both rigs are mining now RXD (Radiant) with Bzminer 14.1.1. HiveOS and also RaveOS are updated to the latest versions and latest stable AMD drivers.

I found big difference on power consumption between this two rigs. OC settings are the same, miner is the same, hashrate pre card is ~420 MH/s on both rigs are same, but HiveOS shows power usage ~90W per card and RaveOS shown only ~70W per card.

So I measured also the power from the wall, rig running HiveOS takes ~715W but rig running RaveOS takes only ~550W from the wall, interesting !

I will try to compare the rigs when mining other coins, but for me such a difference ~160 W between HIve an RaveOS looks interesting a I did not find yet the reason of that.

Can somebody explain, what is causing this power draw difference between HiveOS and RaveOS ?


Do you have all voltages at the lowest for each value that is stable? Memory state set to idle? Post some screenshots

Hi, thanks for pointing to the memory OC. With previous mem clock 100MHz in booth systems it takes ~90W per card in HiveOS, and ~70W in RaveOS. I checked the popular settings in HiveOS OC database and found some presets with MEM clock only 1. So with Mem clock set to 1MHz it takes only ~70W per card in HiveOS too :wink: maybe the systems has different default setup for mem state, which I did not touch yet, thanks for help

Yeah, mem clock set to 1 lets the memory go to its lowest idle state of 96mhz. Sounds like you got it figured out then :wink:

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