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RX 5700 XT OC Settings


I’m using Asus Dual RX 5700 XT Evo OC in my rig and bios mod is done. I’ve tried lots of OC settings but could’t find a way for less power consumpiton. Hasrate is app. 52-53 Mhs, Memory temp is high and consumption is around 112-115W.

Anyone has any idea?


Since you use low CPU/MEM frequencies, you can’t achieve a good hash rate.
I would suggest you to use 1400/900 at a starting point and 770/770/1320 for voltages.
Don’t set a power limit.

112W is typical. And why are you under clocking the memory?

I’d go to 930 on memory

Hey Guys I am new to Mining, Want to BIOS MOD my ASUS RX 5700 XT OC Edition TUF Gaming 3 Fans.

I have not MODED my GPU and tried to overclock settings, but my hasrate directly goes from 52.56MH to 0.00MH whenever I put new OC settings while it is running, then I have to restart it every time.

have you experienced this problem before, and how to overcome it?
Also, please let me know how can I BIOS MOD.

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