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RX 5700 XT memory high temperature at 20c

I have a problem with memory overheating.
at 20c they have a temperature of 96c at 25 even up to 104c!
rig has an additional 6 fans and it doesn’t help
any ideas? This is an MSI mech OC RX 5700 XT
hashrate is good around 54
Thanks for help

Hello. You should try modifying the bios of the gpu, only the VRAM Timing

Memory overheating is an extremely common issue with the Mech OC 5700’s. I have 4 of them and the mem temps are consistently over 100C before thermal pad replacement, now about ~92C after replacing with thermal grizzly 2mm pads.

The problem lies with the poor cooler design, and the extremely poor placement of the undersized thermal pads. Replace the thermal pads with high quality 2mm ones and the mem temps should drop ~10C.

However due to the cooler not making contact with the thermal pads in the right area, due to the shoddy engineering of these cheap cards, the thermal pad upgrade will only do so much.

Check out how the stock thermal pads contacted with the memory chips. A serious WTF.

After applying thermal grizzly 2mm pads of the right size. Highly suggest any MSI Mech OC owners do the same.

samsung memory and micron are different?
if you can’t send me your bios?

well thank you
if it doesn’t help the bios will definitely try

No problem.

I’m 95% certain that is your problem. It is a well known issue with lower end MSI cards.

Gamers Nexus video on the same topic with a very similar gpu

Another video showcasing the issue

One of many reddit threads detailing the problematic pad placement

Hi ,

I am using the same model MSI RX 5700 XT MECH OC (Micron Memory)
Memory Temps are high . Mine always runs between 90-94.

Hi there, maybe someone could explain how to force Sapphire Pulse to go over 80% of fan speed,
the GPU is 59, mem 98 and the card stucked on 80%, no matter what i do. (autofan, fix speed etc its allways 80%, i use NBMiner)

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