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Rx 5700 xt - Invalid shares

Hi i have a rig with 3 Sapphire NITRO+ RX 5700 XT 8G GDDR6 SE (11293-05-40G), samsung memory, with hiveos beta and stock card i have 52.4 Mh stable for alle 3 cards, following this guide

the cards without oc runs at 55.4 but the system is not really stable (after 20 min one card lost… etc), i managed to become “stable” (no offline cards) with this settings

but as you can see i receive some not valid shares… i don’t care about power efficiency (i have near to zero electricity cost) which is the best settings for stability if someone have experience with this cards ?

Hello miner,
I have two cards Gigabyte RX5700 XT with stock bios and its very stable at 53.48 Mh/s
core temp 44°
mem temp 84°
Fun speed 63%
Core clock 1380
Volt Clock 800
Mem Clock 925
Nothing else in hive os… Latest driver OpenCL 20.30 OS Ver [email protected]

What type of memory do you have in these cards? Samsung or Micron?

Rejected shares are likely to be the fault of memory over clock or undervolt. I have a couple of cards with Samsung memory and it can run stable at 900 or 905. Try to increase MVDD to 850 to 900 and VDDCI to 1350. These values should be within the operating range of the memory.

Hi, on hiveos is strongly recommended to set mvdd between 1250-1350 (is already at 1350) but i have vddci not set on one card…
These are the settings that for now doesn’t give any invalid shares

at 54.8 Mh, what can i improve remaining stable ? Also there are some phoenixminer parameters that can improve mh ?


Did you modify the bios of the cards?

I prefer no …

I highly suggest you back up the factory bios, or download them so you have them, flash the cards with the Hive Bios for the card. These Bios are built for mining not gaming. It also allows for a more stable overclock since you are overclocking the card. I have used Hive Bios for all my AMD and NVIDIA cards with zero issues. For AMD you will need to choose to force flash ignore security checks, otherwise the flash will fail. Fear not it does not screw up or brick your cards. Running 26 GPUS and never had an issue flashing back to factory when I upgrade my cards and sell the older ones.

Thank you for response… where i can found the hive bios?

Maybe you mean to put another downclocked bios in my cards?

If you follow the guide in my first post it’s nothing too complicated…

When you log into the Hive OS, choose your farm, select cards from the options, you will see all of the cards on your rig, on the right select download VBIOS and choose to save to your VBIOS storage (for much easier flashing), once downloaded you can select VBIOS ROM Storage( to the right of Cards) you will see the downloaded VBIOS you have in storage, Select cards again, on the right of the card now choose Select VBIOS, on the pop up for AMD cards select Force Flash (otherwise it will most likely fail) now choose the card you want to flash, this will take you back to the cards screen, you will see at the card the VBIOS in orange, at the top of your card list choose flash cards. BOOM you are done.

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I have not used the 5700 only the xt version. I get from 52-54 on those. My Samsung memory cards draw 85-88 watt the micron pull 105 or so. I have been upgrading all my GPU’s and installing 5700xt to replace them. I have one msi, 7 xfx thic ii and a xfx thic ultra. All great cards. I have a sapphire into + coming in on Saturday. Nice weather here in az

Don’t do that. Forcing the bios flash is almost certain to brick your card. Although recovering the card is highly possible if this is your first attempt, you may not be successful.

Take step by step.

  1. Backup your original bios for EACH card. I recommend using the amdvbflash.exe tool for safekeeping the original bios.
  2. Modify the memory straps only. The change in memory timing gives the increase in hash. You can find many options to modify these timings. Check out the work done at
  3. When flashing your bios, do that on a windows 10 machine using the latest amdvbflash utility. You want to see if the flash fails, and force only if you know what you are doing and how to recover nonfunctioning bios.
  4. You will find information about Power Tables. These changes control the GPU’s maximum power consumption and set the power curve for a long-lasting and safe operation of the GPU.
  5. Experiment with OC values that fit your card and environment. Study how OC values could reduce the GPU power consumption AT THE WALL. Ignore the power settings reported by HiveOS.
  6. The OC values are values that other users set for similar GPUs. You don’t know anything about these GPUs, and these values are just OC settings recommendations to try.

I hope you will consider my suggestions.

I cannot find any GPU for reasonable price haha looks like we are all competing for the same GPU out there being sold…

I had a deal for 200 gigabyte 5700 XT for 399.99 each but I didn’t pull the trigger fast enough someone has all my GPU

You recommend win10 flash rather than HiveOS flashing? Have you had it bricked using HiveOS?

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