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Rx 5700 xt 60mh/s rx 5600 xt 48.15mh/s with -openclLocalWork 128

is anyone know about this command -openclLocalWork 128 and how crazy is that?

Look, i got 48.45mh/s in rx5600 xt and 60mh/s in rx5700 xt unfortunately is not look stable :frowning:

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This bullshit is already almost a year old. Using this parameter leads to hardware errors and instead of pretty numbers you get much less output. There is nothing to discuss


See further information at Pheonix miner Invalid Shares

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It’s better to run stable than Mhash/sec

Base on my experience, I avoid the Phoenix miner. I am now using the Red Team Miner, I see the real hash rate report, I am getting a lower power consumption (surprising), and the rig is more stable.

I love TRM and have been using it since the days when it was called tdxminer.

when I switch from phoenix to teamred my hashrate drops 1,5 mhash per card. are there any commands that i need to set to get the same hashrate?

Phoenix has faked hashrate
Look to hashrate on pool instead hashrate reported by miner

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@CryptoMining Read the thread. Phoenix gives fake hash.

i give it a try… i mined with teamred for 2 days and my average hashrate was 3,5% below reported…thats ok i think. yesterday i started phoenix again to compare…
54 mhash with teamred @ 70w actually. only 1 mhash lower than phoenix, not 1,5

phoenix just released 5.2c and supports amd driver 20.20
whats the latest supported driver teamred supports? i already installed 20.30 and 20.40 but phoenix only supports up to 20.20

OK…I now got the results. check yourself:

and Phoenix:

So TRM has it´s average Pool Speed closer to reported speed (-3,64% vs. -4,4 %) , but Phoenix still has 1 Mhash more at the pool (104,5 vs 105,5). Valid shares per 24hours are 2206 va 2240, so that´s more than 1 % boost. I think I will stay at Phoenix.
Do you have other results? Or why to you think TR is better for a 5700 card?

I also use PhoneixMiner. I also want to know which is the best eth miner.

@igotek I switched from Phoenix to RTM, which draws less power, more stability, and gives me a real hash at the pool. I don’t like the idea that the miner is reporting a fake hash rates.

Found this post because I also noticed that I have less hash on TRM and that it drowse less watts. (three rx 5700). Is it some setting or false reporting by Phoenix?

I switched to TRM since update 8, theres a huge improvement in trm kernel. I could drop my core clock and voltage massively and saved lots of watts. give it a try

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