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Rx 5700 xt - 58.4MH/s 95w

Step 1: Save your bios
Step 2: Download a bios from
for a RX5700 even if the version doesn’t match. I had a rx 5700 xt pulse so got the bios for rx 5700 pulse (No XT).
yes a RX5700 bios for your RX 5700XT…

Step 3: in my case my bios version was not compatible so I open the bios in HXD and replaced the bios version to 068

Step 4:

  • Under VRAM Timings, click on memory type and choose MT61K256M32 Micron and copy the (1500 or 1550) strap to the rest of the straps after it, then apply the tREF values as below:

Memory Clock - tREF
1000 MHz - 3900 (Samsung & Micron)
1250 MHz - 4875 (Samsung & Micron)
1550 MHz - 6045 (Samsung & Micron)
1750 MHz - 6825 (Micron only)
1800 MHz - 7020 (Samsung & Micron)
1875 MHz - 7315 (Micron only)
2000 MHz - 7800 (Samsung & Micron)
2250 MHz - 8775 (Samsung only)

Step 5 : flash it with force flash

Step 6: Set OC

Step 7: Reboot


EDIT: that configuration also works on my gpu


Have you checked consumption at the wall?
The reason I ask is because I was experimenting with my Powercolor red dragons 5700 XT with different BIOSes.
I found that if I loaded the liquid devil bios (A bios intended for a liquid cooled 5700 XT) then the reported wattage in HiveOS decreased but the consumption at the wall remained the same.
I have a theory for this althopugh I have not done any research to confirm it.
I believe that the liquid devil BIOS has a higher power rating than the red dragon and as such, has a different measuring algo to determine the power draw (maybe it uses a different shunt resistor?) so reports the power draw as different from the red dragon.
Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I am not convinced that HiveOS reports the value correctly.
Check with a power meter at the wall.


no unfortunately my mining rig is a bit difficult to check on the wall. I wouldn’t have tested watercooling bios on aircooling tho ^^ in my case i really stick to two card with almost the same definition both sapphire pulse.
my main thing here is that i wasn’t even able to achieve 58MH/s before so even if it’s lying to me on the watt (i don’t think it’s lying more than usual tho) it’s still better in hashrate that what i’m used to see


what exactly do we change when editing the tREF value? I just made a rom for only one of my cards…the only thing I changed was the tREF value. original value was around 2850 for my 1800 Mhz that I run the card…suggested value is 7020, so it´s a big increase. I cant see any difference? Rig consumes 2 Watts less out of the plug…but that´s maybe a measure tolerance? Mhash seems to be exactly the same. So what´s the change when editing this value and what´s it for? mhash, watts, stability with higher clocks? pls explain. thx


i think he ment to put in every tREF value at the associated MHz. I tried this while also copying the 1500 Value under the others + using 5700 BIOS (on a 5700xtx 50th anniversary).
My MH went up from 51 to 55


also i tried copying the other memory type in RBE, it gave me 57MH but incorrect shares


that does not answer my question :frowning:

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yes replace the tref by those one using the button with the frequency written on it

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But if my gpu are only micron memory what tref do i have to use? like this:

1000 MHz - 6825
1250 MHz - 6825
1550 MHz - 6825
1750 MHz - 6825
1800 MHz - 6825
1875 MHz - 7315
2000 MHz - 7315
2250 MHz - 7315 ???

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there are two memory on each 5700 xt
ignore the brand just look at the number and see if it’s here on your memory in both slot

My saphire nitro only have 1 memory in RBE it only shows 1 but in the timmings you alternate samsung and micron thats why im confuse

maybe some only have one memory that’s surprising. Are you sure it’s a XT ?

pretty much sure, rx 5700 XT Saphire nitro+ you make me doble check XD

do you know what you are changing with that value? can you explain pls?

? everyone changes the tref value and no one knows what it’s good for?


It’s the time of refresh just search about memory straps for more details of each values

Thank you!
This is the best post on forum.
1400/750/750/930 settings and your bios is working but sometimes it crashes and dont load all cards and i must HW restart rig 8x Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 5700 XT.
Do you have experiences with changing MVDD for better temperature ?

No but im also interested. I put 920 as mem to keep under 96c but ideally I would like under 90c for the memory

hey, what is your Hive OS kernel version you use ?
also what is your other config in hive because in the same settings and micron card i’m on 130W always.

5.6.0-200909-hiveos-beta but i doubt you did what i suggested (bios modding / bios downgrade) because 130 seems really close to what you would get without any modding