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Rx 5700 TX memory very hot

hello all

i dont understand why my temperature memory are always very hot ?

The temperature of the video memory chips “MEM TEMP” is not quite a correct name in relation to GDDR6 and AMD Navi 5xxx cards.
But AMD called this sensor that way, so it’s entirely on their conscience
In fact, a more accurate name that would fit is a “hotspot mem temp” but there another sensor called “hotspot” so again some confusion in terms.
Memory working temperature up to 96 degrees Celsius by datasheet on GDDR6.
The hotspot can be considered normal up to the same border or slightly higher (for me not higher than 98C). At 102+ and higher degrees, the card starts to drain power to cool the components (process that calling “throttling”), including the memory.

thx man

i will start my gpu but when i add the rx 5700 tx in my rig with the rx 570
the rx 5700 tx are 0mh/s
it s the beta hiveos

I just fought this issue and learned: claymore can’t do 500 series and 5000 series cards at the same time. Phoenix can, and teamredminer (thanks halo) works nicely with all.

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thx man
now i use teamredminer and sometime i have

i have change riser nothing
i have down oc nothing
have you a idea ?

my oc actually

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hi, nice one.I had 7x 570 on my rig and now replaced one with 5700…i was trying with different settings without luck, crashing every time and when i tried to change settings remotely from hive, miner went down allso every time(team redminers) …so its running so hot anyway. I was reading that someone is getting 55mh/s from this gpu…maybe a custom bios? I have to try our settings, are you happy with that hash rate or do u think that there is possibility to sqeeze out more :laughing: What miner u are using ? with ethash ? Thanks :+1: