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RX 5700 Red Devil OC Settings for Mining (Samsung Memory)


I’ve just bought a RX 5700 Red Devil with Samsung memory but I didn’t find much information about oc on this gpu, just on micron memory.
I tried the oc below, but I dont have much experience on AMD gpus, is it fine or there is any recommendation? I would like to have a good hashrate without being a problem for my gpu.
I am not using bios mod.

Dude, better than mine. I’ll have to do some of what you’re doing. I’m new as well. Mines 51 right now.

I’ve never modded a bios before. I keep reading about it. I want to, but… :flushed:

@fernandohcardoso wow

I am new and the card is new.
Is yours working stable with those settings?
This is mine at the moment, I’m gonna try your settings.

I used your settings, just added more on core and it works for now, more hash, less wats. I’ll edit if it won’t be stable.

@Silverplasticbox I thought about modding bios also.
What I noticed is that it is BIOS v111 and if I’m correct on Asus 5700 I got v115.

This is for a Red Dragon with the bios mod (straps copy-pasted):

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