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RX 5700 is not mining

I got a rig with 2 RX 580 8GO wich works fine.
I add 1 Radeon RX 5700 8176 MB · ASUS Micron GDDR6 115-D199PI0-100, and she doesn’t mine. I run it on beta image [email protected] whith OpenCL 19.30.
Is there someone to help me, or having an idea?

My rig is all RX 5700 and it is still mining ok. 3 different brands, none of them ASUS, but still 5700(xt) I’m using an older beta: 5.6.0-200909-hiveos-beta

openCL 19.3
OS version [email protected]

Maybe try an older beta version? I have used the update option within hive to get miners updated to the OS version shown.
Is the card known good? I’ve had a couple that threw constant errors with any config other than stock. They got RMA’d.
Report the problem also to the support email.

Try editing the flightsheet and set params for phoenixminer etc “-gpus 123” or try making a new flightsheet just for the new GPU using a different miner.

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