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RX 5700, crashing at any changes?

Hello everyone,

I have a RIG of only 3 cards. I am a beginner but I still try to overclock / undervolt my cards.

I have an RX570, an RX 580, and an RX5700. I have no issues with the first two, however, if I try anything on the 5700, I always get the “GPU 0 detected DEAD” error.

This is an AsRock RX 5700 Challenger 8gb OC, I was able to flash the BIOS in copy-straps but I find that it consumes a little too much (130W for about 53MH / s), someone would have a solution or would have this model of card? Is it possible that I cannot overclock action since it was originally overclocked by the manufacturer?


If u already have bios mod…
I use Copy straps and more power tool for lower consumption…
Check with this settings and if u have any problem PM… My card have Micron mems…like yours…

*Always stop miner before any change to OC settings and then restart it … i use TRM miner with B option…

Thanks for your answer, this settings are showing me that errors, don’t know if there’s really a way to undervolt/overclock this card.

lock this card.

Upload a full foto of OC and cards to work with it… (i need to see temps … and OC settings)
Also do u have watchdog enable it ? (with what settings ) ? post a foto…

Of course sorry.

So, there is the actual Hive OC :

That’s the bios copy straps configuration :

I’m currently making tests with MPT and for the moment, I updated power to those values :


I don’t have watchdog enable for the moment, I’ll take a look on it.


I enabled watchdog with those settings :


Got the same values with your conf. (55.22 MH/s for 125W).

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or if the problem is with the card. I attach you a download link of my ROM file, you will find that I have exactly (normally) the same configurations.

Am I to conclude that this is from the card?

Is see your Bios file and its ok…
So remove your DPM value (5) from this card and lower your mem at 895 to see what happens…
also good idea is to replace your riser if you have…

So yes I did all of that, and I got 54.95MH/s for 119W.

I think you are ok…check for errors or reboots…

Fine, thanks very much.

If you have problems PM…
Happy mining

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You need to stop the miner and make the changes and restart I have a 5700 card as well. I also had weird crashing from any version of Hive after 06-203. Personally I have stuck on 06-190 which seems to be pretty stable.

Already tried this way. Don’t make any difference, thanks for help.

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