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RX 5700 ASUS Very high Temp

Hi There,

I´m Using the official stable version Hive OS with Radeon RX 5700 8176 MB · ASUS
Micron GDDR6 · 115-D199PI0-100 unfortunately my MEM Temp is after i click on mining within 30 sec. at 105 degree cel. ;(
OC Settings are 1350 Core clock 900 MeM Clock


What specific model of ASUS card is it?

Is the backplate metal or plastic?

Does the backplate have thermal pads? If not, try removing the backplate and putting a cooling fan directly on the backside of the PCB.

If the backplate is metal and has thermal pads already, then put a fan on the backplate.

Thanks for your answer! It has Plastik Backplate and it is ASUS Dual OC 8Gb Version.

I assume the temp cannot be a mistake? And I assume as well i cannot run the card o this temp. for long?

It’s not a mistake.

105C is too high to run 24x7

For gaming, memory tends to run cooler because there’s less pressure on the memory controller.

In mining, the memory is working hard the whole time and needs to stay cool.

An easy way to reduce your memory temps would be to remove the plastic backplate and put a fan on the back of the card.

Thanks a lot! I will do but loose garanty afterwards? is there a seting i can do to reduce pressure on mem?

You can underclock the VRAM from HiveOS so it’ll run cooler, but you can’t change the VRAM voltages. Those are locked.

You will not affect your warranty by removing the backplate. Here’s a reddit post about someone opening up their ASUS Dual EVO and they found two VRAM chips aren’t even covered properly by the thermal pads… you may need to fix the alignment of the top two chips:

Do you have an extra cooling fan? If your card is installed in a tower case heatsink facing downward, you can just lay a 90mm or 120mm fan on the back of the card for extra cooling.

Thanks a lot. I will try this. I´m afraid to destroy the card :-I I will order Extra Fans to cool. Bios mod wouldn´t help I assume?

The backplate looks like it comes off from the rear with a bunch of screws… try just removing the backplate and put the fan right on the back of the card (I found that NO gap between the card and fan actually cooled the best for some reason).

Thanks a lot It help -20 Degree

Glad to help!!

With the backplate off? or the realignment of the thermal pads?

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