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RX 570 driver error

First post here but I’m a member of other forums. Over the past three days I have had a problem getting this error: “Autofan: GPU temperature 511 is unreal, driver error, rebooting” I have researched this topic extensively and still can’t come up with a good fix. No matter what I do after an hour or three or twelve I have the error come back. I think the error is following the card. I have tried swapping power supplies, risers, putting it in another rig entirely, cleaning the card and repasting, and flashing it with a different bios using the HIVEOS utility. I do realize the card is not hitting 511C and that it’s reporting its temperature incorrectly. I have autofan reboot on error set to “on” but the rig just reboots and doesn’t start that card back up. If there’s no way of actually fixing it, is there a way to make autofan ignore when it happens or a way to turn off autofan for a specific card? This problem has been driving me crazy, any input is appreciated.

Hi, i have the same problem. did you find out how to solve it?

hello friends. ihave the same error message. does any one know how to fix ?

Tengo el mismo problema alguno encontró como resolverlo?